5 Glaring Signs of a Bad Company Culture 

bad company cultureA bad company culture usually means high employee turnover and a less motivated workforce. Having a great company culture is important for employees and organisations. It could become the deciding factor on whether employees will give more, be more innovative, be great team members or not.

As a career professional, the negative effects of a bad company culture on your career is huge and most times, it cannot be easily equated. Below are 5 glaring signs of a bad company culture.

Micromanagementbad company culture

A 21st-century workplace should encourage professional to get the most done with minimal scrutiny or none at all. Micromanaging people creates an atmosphere of fear, rancour and doesn’t encourage the culture of taking initiative or being confident in working within a team. This brand of bad company culture stifles your confidence and leaves you dependent on others. As a career professional, this does not give you the space you need to learn, develop your leadership or acquire management skills to help you reach goals

Employers and managers should ensure their work environment allows employees thrive. This encourages employees to become more responsible for their tasks.

Bottom Linebad company culture

Businesses are usually in the business of making profit but if the bottom line is to the detriment of the people, it’s a glaring sign of a bad company culture. In a research, Deloitte discovered that 69% of organisations that don’t have a strong sense of purpose tend to focus more on profit while another 52% focused on short-term goals.

As a career professional, you want an organisation where profit and people are jointly seen as important elements that make up the whole. It’s always easier for employees to leave such companies where the bottom line is more important to the company than its people.

Indisciplinebad company culture

Allowing indiscipline or unethical behaviour to go unchecked spells doom for any organisation. This promotes unprofessional conduct and abuse of policies within any company and stands out as a bad company culture.

Regardless of an employee’s job level or perceived importance within a organisation, management must always respond adequately and in good time. This also serves as a deterrent to others.

Zero Leadership

Organisations that have poor leadership structures within the company culture lack the capacity to inspire employees to be more productive. Zero leadership, as a bad company culture, will also reflect in poor management of teams and employees.Negative_Corporate_Culture_-_Zero_Leadership

As a career professional, you want to be where you’re a mentee and a mentor because learning as a process should be unending. Organisations should encourage leadership and mentorship as this helps in boosting employee innovation in the workplace.

Poor Communicationbad company culture

Poor communication within an organisation is a recipe for disaster. It discourages a lot of bottom-up communication, which can affect how employees understand values, goals and tasks. Diverse levels of communication should be encouraged from employees to management and vice versa. This promotes respect rather than fear.

These different levels of communication would ensure employees do not feel intimidated and it’s a great boost to give employees a strong sense of belonging.

In conclusion, a bad company culture can stall and distort your self-development and career progression. It’s important to identify them and ensure they do not impact negatively on your career or organisation’s culture. Have you experienced any bad company culture not listed above? Kindly share them below.

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