As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and the compulsory lockdown, I was unemployed for some time and became tired of staying at home. So, in my departmental chatroom, I saw a job broadcast my HOD posted which also had a number to call for those interested. Initially, I felt the job was for guys, so I felt reluctant to call the number initially but instead showed my neighbour who is a guy in case he was interested and gave him the number to call. Later, when I went inside my house, I had a strong nudging to call the number, which I did and had to tell the person that I am a female. He didn't mind but told me to be at the venue by 8 a.m. the next day. When I got to the venue the next day, I found out that the owner of the number was a member of the Job Bureau Department. Although, the company wanted to employ only guys, somehow, they considered all the ladies that made it that morning and I was among the selection and got the job on 10th April 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and the company provided a staff bus that conveys us to and fro.
I'd been at my former job for a while and I wanted to change. The former HOD of Job Bureau Department was the perfect example of the change in my career that I wanted so his testimonies always propelled something in me. The way God gave him victories and great job opportunities always gave me hope and made me see light. I eventually keyed in and faith rose in me from his testimonies so I began to pray and seek God using his testimonies and victories as a point of reference. God came through and I got 4 offers from different firms so I had to choose which job I wanted. While I was trying to make my choice and pick the job I wanted, my former firm asked me not to go and even offered PARTNERSHIP. I got to choose the job I wanted from the options that God presented to me and this has strengthened my resolve in God that if you can see it and ask for it, God is able to do it.
I had been trying to get a job for a while, but it wasn't forthcoming. So, one time, I spoke about it to the Job Bureau team. A while later he informed me of an opening at Pulse Nigeria which I applied for just before the lockdown, but unfortunately didn't get the job. Finally, in April this year I got a call from the same company asking if I was still interested in the role, and I eventually went for another interview and I got the job. I'm so grateful to God and I want to thank Job Bureau for following up to ensure I got the job. God bless the Job Bureau department.
In 2021 I started a Logistics company and after a few months, my bike was stolen leaving me in serious debt. I started searching for jobs, especially on telegram. I eventually applied for one in particular but the HR didn't get back to me. As God would have it I scrolled through my WhatsApp status one day and I discovered that one of the leaders in my department worked in the same company. I reached out to him and he asked me to resend the application to his email which I did, almost immediately I got a call from HR and I was scheduled for an interview with the HR and the boss himself. After a few days, I got the offer letter. It seemed like nothing was working, but God was only taking me on a journey, He wanted the very best for me. Now I work with a global brand.
My name is Okechukwu from Job Bureau. I want to testify to the glory of God for orchestrating a new job for me just in the nick of time. So for the better part of 2 years now since 2020, I've been looking for a job and I always told God I want it to be a multinational oil and gas company the likes of Shell, Chevron, and Total. A few days before my birthday I came across a job opening for a procurement officer on LinkedIn, I began the process of application which involved a couple of technical questions and after my application, I got a message to write an online exam which I did and I got a message I've been invited for an interview. About a week after the interview I got a message from the company asking me to respond via email to some more technical scenario questions. I responded to the questions via email and sent it across thanks to the professional insights I got from my former Head of Department (Job Bureau). Three days later I got another email inviting me for another interview with the CEO. On September 15th I got an offer letter with everything I wanted. If you remember I did tell God I wanted to work for a multinational oil and gas company and he made sure it was so. He made sure he settled me in every area I was facing challenges in my former firm.

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