When hiring managers are seeking for new talent to join their team, a strong LinkedIn profile will help you stand out to them.

LinkedIn is not just for job hunters. Although, it’s a fantastic approach to establishing oneself as an authority figure or even an influencer in your field. It is also a platform where professionals meet and interact.

Today, people are on LinkedIn for various reasons:

To connect with other professionals To   search    for    jobs Educational reasons (LinkedIn Learning) To get inspired

Your LinkedIn profile and activity have a significant impact on your personal brand.

Here are quick ways to make your LinkedIn stand out.

1.       Your background image and profile picture

Use a headshot that is of excellent quality and is of a professional kind. It is advised that you post this image so everyone can see it.

By visiting your profile and selecting “Edit public profile and URL” from the upper right corner, you can manage your visibility.

You may view a list of your current visibility settings in the right-side column. Your contacts, network, all LinkedIn members, or “Public” can all view your profile photo.

When you set your profile picture’s exposure to the public, you make it simpler for people to find (and believe!) you on search engines or other social networks.

2. Your Summary and Headline

Describe what you do in your headline in no more than 120 characters. Be unique and inventive while remaining lucid and instructive. Make sure to include the most pertinent keywords in your headline because doing so will help people find you on LinkedIn when they are seeking experts in your area of expertise.

3.        Place of Work Information

Avoid listing your prior job positions if they are not pertinent to your current Job Opening. List your biggest accomplishments and areas of interest instead and concentrate on the jobs and experiences that will be the most beneficial to you.

4.         Your Skills

Ask your friends and coworkers to recommend you while adding any pertinent abilities.

When it comes to LinkedIn skills, more is not better. It is preferable to list a small number of endorsements-earning skills than to present a broad range of endorsement-lacking skills.

5.       Certificates

You should look into this alternative if you want to acquire a competitive edge because many certification-granting situations have made it very simple to upload the certificate to LinkedIn.

You can distinguish yourself if, for instance, a talent scout, media representative, or prospect is seeking someone with experience in Google Analytics by presenting your certificate in the field rather than merely mentioning Analytics as one of your abilities.

6.       Visibility

Go to LinkedIn Settings and turn on visibility to recruiters.

Your LinkedIn web link should be redesigned from those scattered characters to a simpler look like: www.LinkedIn.chris.anozie.profile

You can achieve this using web link shorteners like Bitlink, etc. Most importantly……

ENGAGE!!! Because LinkedIn algorithm awards engagement with visibility to recruiters and other searches.

Your LinkedIn Profile is your FIRST impression to any employer, and companies are hiring now. Hence, optimize this platform, show yourself and be within contact reach.

Best wishes!

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